(Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do I Place An Order?​
  1. Click on the desired product.

  2. Select a size/color, if applicable.

  3. Click the Buy button.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each item you’d like to purchase.

  5. When you’re ready to place your order, go to your cart.

  6. Review and confirm the items in your cart.

Payment & Shipping

   Payment will be completed through integrated software which was provided by WIX.com and is a secure and safe software. If any mishaps occur in this process please contact us by clicking "Contact 4Freedom20" up top, and we will work with you and WIX to fix the issue at hand. Shipping is usually processed within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday). Your item arrival depends on many variables please be patient, but if longer than two weeks please reach out to us.

Returns & Refunds

   At 4Freedom20.com we believe if you spend your hard earned money on our product you deserve 100% satisfaction or a complete refund. All we ask is information on why it did not meet your standards so we can improve our business. We are always attempting to improve and give consumers the quality they desire for the price.

A Item I received was not made in America. W.T.F Over!​
   We apologize greatly if this does occur. As we do not have the resources to buy every item prior and verify we are only going off of research and information we are provided with. We will refund your money back in full and take down the item from that seller A.S.A.P. and blacklist the business. Please reach out to us if this does occur by contacting us.




This page will be updated as your questions continue to come in, but we will not know exactly what issues are arising if we don't receive any feedback. So please any concerns or questions of any sort please contact us so we can improve by clicking "Contact 4Freedom20" up top or the "Contact" button below.

Thank you for shopping with us!
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