4Freedom20 is an American veteran owned business. To continue to build Americas infrastructure we need to support Americas small businesses more than the bigger businesses that are outsourcing. When you buy from us your money is going to support an American business, family, and/or dream. 

We are aware that a lot of American made items on our site are more expensive. We are working with these American businesses to figure out the best profitable margins amongst the items being sold on this site daily, so the businesses can make a profitable income to grow and for the consumers to get the best reasonable deal possible. We are currently looking to hire an employee to fulfill this position (must have good communication skills, tact, digitally enabled, and self driven). If interested contact us by clicking "Contact 4Freedom20" up top and in subject write "Employee Application" for more information.


We do support Cannabis legalization. Since Laws are only created to keep  Americans safe, and cannabis has yet to cause a single death or harm due to consumption.  

If you can't find the American made product you want here we highly recommend www.madeinamerica.com for more American made products, just click this button.


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